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Not listening to one another with empathy results in conflict.

A group of college students paid a visit to wisdom teacher, Eknath Easwaran, and asked, "What causes conflict among men?" Without mincing words, he said, "lack of respect for one another."  He explained that “when two people are in conflict, it boils down to the fact that they are not listening to each other with empathy. They might as well make two signs that they can waive at each other: ‘I am right’ and ‘You are wrong.’ “ He further explained,  "In a heated argument, people are not upset with the words spoken, but with the arrogance of these flash cards."

Do it now!

An African proverb states that “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Most of life's regrets are over actions not taken rather than the mistakes we made in the past when we acted. Do it now and you'll free yourself from the “woulda,” “shoulda,” and “coulda” feelings later on.

Take a humor break…

• After you have marinated the turkey, chopped the celery and onions, peeled the potatoes, and baked the pumpkin pie, turn back the bathroom scale by 20 pounds before going to bed on Wednesday.

• From a 6-year old girl: ”Grandpa, why do you keep saying, “Don’t hang up the phone? You’re confusing me, grandpa.”

• During a sermon, a pastor asked if everyone has forgiven their enemies. All said “yes” except 93-year old Louise. ”Ms. Louise, why aren't you willing to forgive?” ”I have no enemies left. I have outlived all the bastards.

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