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How to stop worrying so much.

A man who was noted for his calmness and lack of worry was asked how he developed that mindset.  "I do what Dale Carnegie, author of ’How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” taught me. When I’m deeply worried about something, I think about the worst that can happen. The next step is to prepare myself to accept the worst, if need be. Finally, I calmly go to work on improving the worst.

Don’t allow fear and anxiety to ruin your holidays. 

Be reasonable with your schedule. Don't overbook yourself. Use credit sparingly. Don't spend the money you don't have. For your own sake, forgive those who may have offended you during the past holidays. ~Adapted, ”Psychology Today," 11/25/2014

For your smiles and giggles…

• A new hire was told his salary will start at $45,000 and will go up to $49,500 next year. “In that case, I will come back next year.”

• A shoe sales man cautioned a buyer that the new shoes might be tight for the first two weeks. “No worries, I will start wearing them on the 3rd week.”~Adapted

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