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Making life “easy” for children will make it “hard” for them later.

One of life's ironies is that parents often want to shield their offspring from life's difficulties. They say, "I never want my child to go through what I went through." 

But, what you went through was exactly what made you into a resilient and successful person today.

I am inspired by Napoleon Hill’s story of a North Carolina wagon builder who when he "cleared the land for cultivation, always left a few oak trees in the middle of the field at the mercy of the elements, unsheltered by other trees in the forest. It was from those trees that the (builder) made the wagons' wheels. Because they were forced to struggle against the fury of nature, they grew strong enough to bear the heaviest load." Similarly, you grew strong from your life’s ups and downs. So don't deprive your loved ones of the same opportunity by over protecting them.

What I learned about enduring relationships.

I learned a healthy relationship isn’t based on how compatible a couple is. It’s how they deal with incompatibility.

For Your Smiles and Giggles…

•I overheard a 68-year old woman at Food Lion telling a cashier, ”I love my gray hairs. Actually, I don't call them gray hairs. They are wisdom highlights.”

•I have been reading about what constitutes a good diet: no red meat, no carbs, no eggs, no bacon, no wine or alcohol, no cake, no smoking, and no ice cream. Now, my New Year Resolution is ”NO MORE READING!”

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~Dr. Michael I. Otaigbe